Tefal OptiGrill Waffle Plates

Prepare waffles in the contact grill? This is possible with the Tefal OptiGrill waffle plates!

Tefal offers a waffle insert as a separate accessory to expand its in-house OptiGrill. The waffle plates are used instead of the normal grill plates and conjure up delicious waffles on your plate in no time!

The waffle iron for Tefal OptiGrill


Tefal OptiGrill Waffelplatten

The basic idea behind the OptiGrill waffle iron is similar to that of the baking tray: the accessory extends the functionality of the OptiGrill by providing a different type of grill plate, without the need for a separate appliance. It therefore uses the functions built into the OptiGrill for new possibilities.

This means that OptiGrill owners can save themselves an additional kitchen appliance in case of doubt and only need storage space for the additional grill plates. Especially for smaller kitchens, such a multifunctional device is therefore very interesting.

For baking waffles, instead of the normal grill plates, you simply put the waffle plates in the device. The OptiGrill can then be heated to the optimum temperature for baking waffles using the manual program.

The waffle plates

With the Tefal OptiGrill waffle plates you can prepare two rectangular waffles – also known as “Belgian waffles” – in parallel. If you fill the grill plates completely with batter, the waffles will be approx. 12 x 17 cm in size. You can easily vary the size and shape of the waffles via the amount of batter you put on the waffle iron.

The plates prove to be of very high quality in the test: They have a non-stick coating and are dishwasher safe.


The waffle insert is priced quite high by Tefal. Especially since Tefal offers standalone waffle irons* even for a lower price. However, as the test report shows, you mainly invest in quality and comfort here.

Tefal Waffelplatten XA7238 für den Optigrill | Aluminiumdruckguss | Antihaftbeschichtet | Belgische Waffeln | Leichte Reinigung | Spülmaschinengeeignet | Inklusive Schöpfkelle, Schwarz
3.524 Bewertungen
Tefal Waffelplatten XA7238 für den Optigrill | Aluminiumdruckguss | Antihaftbeschichtet | Belgische Waffeln | Leichte Reinigung | Spülmaschinengeeignet | Inklusive Schöpfkelle, Schwarz
  • Waffelplatten aus Aluminiumdruckguss mit Antihaftbeschichtung inklusive Schöpfkelle
  • Erweitern Sie ihre OptiGrill Möglichkeiten und bereiten Sie echte, belgische Waffeln auf Ihrem OptiGrill zu

Besides Amazon, Tefal itself also offers the waffle plates for sale: Order waffle iron for the OptiGrill at tefal.de

Compatible OptiGrill models

It is important to note that the waffle insert only fits the following OptiGrill models:

There are no correspondingly larger waffle plates for the Tefal OptiGrill Plus XL (GC722D) and Tefal OptiGrill Elite XL (GC760D) yet. The base model, the Tefal OptiGrill (GC705D), is not supported because it does not have the required levels in Manual mode.

Tefal OptiGrill waffle plates in test

How does the Tefal waffle insert perform in practical use? After the first uses for baking savory and sweet waffles, the just under 80 euros prove to be money very well spent.

The waffle plates convince on the one hand with the – from Tefal known – high quality of the non-stick coating. This means that no additional fat is required for baking! The finished waffles are also very easy to remove and do not burn. Likewise, the waffle plates are very easy to clean.

On the other hand, the integration into the OptiGrill is perfectly implemented: instead of the normal grill plates, you insert the waffle plates, fold out the metal stand and the waffle iron is ready for use. For baking, you then only need to select the manual program in the desired temperature range – as you are used to from grilling – and you’re ready to go. It couldn’t be simpler for OptiGrill owners. And you should not lose sight of this comfort when evaluating the price either.

After 2-3 baking cycles, you will know how much dough you need to put on each plate to get the desired result. And from then on, the waffle iron consistently delivers perfect results. Since then, I have not “messed up” a single waffle, even the first baking pass worked without problems.

If you have put too much batter on the waffle insert, it is (for the most part) directed via two openings on the front into the juice collection tray – also very clever!

The finished waffles can be carefully removed by hand, or you can use a wooden spatula to help.

Since the OptiGrill has a relatively heavy lid, the waffles don’t necessarily rise as much as they would in a heart-shaped waffle iron. However, this is the same with other waffle irons for “Belgian waffles” and therefore does not represent a real disadvantage in a direct comparison.


Compared to a waffle iron costing 30-40 euros, I think you clearly notice a difference in quality, which in the end translates into less frustration and more fun baking.

In the end, of course, everyone has to decide for themselves whether they want to shell out so much money for the OptiGrill expansion, or whether they’d rather go for a standalone waffle iron. Anyone who wants to bake waffles regularly and likes the principle of the OptiGrill will very quickly enjoy this investment.

Here again summarized the advantages and disadvantages:

Very good results throughout
Very easy handling & quickly ready for operation
No additional fat necessary
Easy cleaning
Requires relatively little storage space
Relatively high price
Lid very heavy – if you want really fluffy waffles, you should rather use a heart waffle iron

Scope of delivery

Tefal OptiGrill waffle plates

The two waffle plates are cut to fit the OptiGrill and thus have similar dimensions to the regular grill plates. With the grill plates you can bake “Belgian waffles” up to 12 x 17 cm. They have a non-stick coating and are dishwasher safe.

The insertion of the waffle irons is exactly the same as that of the normal grill plates.

Metal stand

The included metal stand bucks the OptiGrill up slightly at the front so that the 7° tilt of the grill (to allow grease & liquid to drain when grilling) is compensated for.

To do this, simply clamp the stand at the front foot. Especially handy: the stand simply folds away to the back, so you don’t always have to take it on and off when you don’t need it during normal grilling.


Also included is a simple, black plastic ladle.

If you put a full scoop of batter on one side of the waffle iron at a time, the waffles will be rectangular. If you only put a ladle of batter about half full on the OptiGrill, you get “unfinished” waffles – the more visually appealing option in my view. With this, by the way, there is also less risk of the dough overflowing.

Manual & Recipe Booklet

Of course, a user manual is included in the package. It succinctly explains everything you need to know before, during and after use.

There are also pictures of how to attach the metal stand.

The enclosed recipe booklet, on the other hand, can be put straight back in the box. Only one basic waffle recipe is described there.

Cleaning the waffle plates

The same applies to the OptiGrill waffle plates as to the grill plates: The easiest way to clean them is in the dishwasher. The two waffle plates are dishwasher safe and can therefore be put in the dishwasher without hesitation.

For best cleaning results, place the waffle plates vertically in the dishwasher. This way, the water gets everywhere, but also runs off again well, so that the waffle irons should be completely dry when removed.

However, since they are significantly thicker than the regular OptiGrill grill plates, they may not be able to be placed vertically in every dishwasher. Then, it’s best to put them in the dishwasher horizontally (with the grill surface facing down). When removing, be sure to carefully pour off any water left on the waffle insert.

Of course, the two plates can also be cleaned by hand.

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