Tefal OptiGrill Deluxe (GC707D)

Tefal OptiGrill Deluxe GC707D

The Tefal OptiGrill Deluxe (GC707D) is – at least visually – a premium version of the OptiGrill. The model is most similar to the Tefal OptiGrill Plus (GC712D) from the series of OptiGrill devices, but it differs in some details that I will explain to you here.

The most important at a glance

Quick check model


Automatic programs


Levels in Manual Mode

2000 watts


30 x 20 cm

Grill surface


Baking tray


Waffle plates

The OptiGrill Deluxe is not recommended. The price-performance ratio is not right here at all and that’s why the OptiGrill Plus (GC712D) is always the better choice.

A direct comparison of all OptiGrill models can be found here: OptiGrill Buyer’s Guide

Basic functions

  • The automatic grill programs grill the selected food at the optimal temperature.
  • The OptiGrill automatically detects how thick the food is. In combination with the selected program, it can then calculate the perfect grilling time. During grilling, it displays the current cooking level.
  • With the defrosting program, even frozen foods can be prepared on the contact grill without further effort.
  • The grill plates of the OptiGrill are non-stick and very high quality & durable.
  • The OptiGrill is tilted slightly downwards at the front. This allows grease or other liquid produced during grilling to drain easily – directly into the juice collection tray under the grill.
  • The grill plates and juice collection tray can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher – eliminating the need to scrub the grill grate after grilling.

Differences from the other models

The most striking feature is the slightly more refined look, which is probably also responsible for the model name “Deluxe”. With its shiny stainless steel case, it actually makes a slightly higher-quality impression than the comparable models. However, I personally find the Tefal OptiGrill Elite (GC750D) even fancier.

There are also slight differences in the grilling programs: although the OptiGrill Deluxe has the same six automatic programs as the OptiGrill Plus, it offers 5 cooking levels instead of 3:

  • Rare (corresponds to )
  • Medium Rare (NEW)
  • Medium (corresponds to )
  • Medium Well (NEW)
  • Well-done (corresponds to )

In Manual mode, the model offers 5 temperature levels instead of the usual 4:

  • 120°C (corresponds to )
  • 160°C (NEW)
  • 200°C (corresponds to )
  • 240°C (corresponds to )
  • 270°C (corresponds to )

What is particularly noticeable is that the OptiGrill Deluxe no longer uses the color-flashing light indicator familiar from OptiGrills, but has the individual levels integrated directly into the handle of the lid in a way that can be read. The respective stage is then indicated by a red flashing light.

This difference is a bit more intuitive, especially for OptiGrill beginners, because you don’t have to remember or look up the meanings of the different colors. However, the Deluxe model also loses a bit of the OptiGrill character that is typical for me.

What is incomprehensible to me is why Tefal did not include some of the new features of the OptiGrill Elite in this premium model. Especially the grill boost for stronger grill stripes is something I would have expected from this device.

Available grill programs


Burger / Minced Steak




Sandwich / Panini




Beef / Steak






Manual mode
(5 levels)


Baking tray and waffle plates

Unfortunately, neither the baking tray nor the waffle plates are compatible with the OptiGrill GC707D. If you want to use them, I recommend the Tefal OptiGrill GC712D.

Tefal OptiGrill Deluxe in video

In this video you can see the OptiGrill Deluxe in action:

My conclusion

I cannot make a purchase recommendation for the OptiGrill Deluxe. If you are satisfied with the standard features of the OptiGrill, you should rather go for the Tefal OptiGrill Plus (GC712D). If you are looking for a premium model and want to spend more money on it, you are better off with the Tefal OptiGrill Elite (GC750D).

You can choose the Tefal OptiGrill Deluxe especially if you like the slightly higher-quality design, or if you don’t like the concept of color indicators for the individual stages in the other models.

Price & Availability

The recommended retail price (RRP) of the OptiGrill Deluxe is 299 euros – significantly more expensive than the Plus models. The real price at retailers is currently around 150 Euros.

You can find a current price comparison at idealo.de: Tefal OptiGrill Deluxe at Idealo*.

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