Tefal OptiGrill Elite (GC750D)

Tefal OptiGrill Elite (GC750D)

Tefal OptiGrill Elite (GC750D) is one of the latest models from Tefal’s contact grill range. Basically, compared to the previous models, it is mainly an upgrade in terms of design & operation, the basic functions are the same as the current OptiGrills.

On this page, you’ll find out what’s different about the Tefal OptiGrill Elite and whether this model is worth it for you. In a detailed review of the OptiGrill Elite, I’ll show you all the pros and cons.

The most important at a glance

Quick check model


Automatic programs

120 °C – 270 °C

in Manual Mode
(10 degree increments)

2000 watts


30 x 20 cm

Grill surface


Baking tray


Waffle plates

The OptiGrill Elite is the best OptiGrill model. It is the flagship full-size OptiGrill model and the first choice if you want the best results and the greatest convenience. The model offers more automatic programs, the grill boost function and can be expanded with baking tray & waffle plates.

If you want to use the OptiGrill very regularly and in many ways, you should go for this model. If the OptiGrill Elite is too expensive for you, you can also switch to the less expensive OptiGrill Plus (GC712D) with just a few compromises.

A direct comparison of all OptiGrill models can be found here: OptiGrill Buyer’s Guide

Differences from the other models

Touchscreen & Display

The most striking difference to the other OptiGrill models is the handle of the lid, in which a touchscreen and a small display have been built into this model. Step-by-step instructions on the display explain what needs to be done.

Additional information on the display (e.g. a countdown that shows the exact duration until the next grilling level is reached) should make grilling even easier. The grilling progress is also shown on the display. In return, the pulsating light with the familiar color gradations on the right side is omitted.

Grillboost function

An optionally switchable “Grill Boost” is supposed to provide stronger grill streaks and roasted flavors, thus coming even closer to the grilling result of a classic grill.

Temperature setting & timer in manual mode

In manual mode, both the exact temperature (in 10-degree increments) and a timer can be set via the display. This gives you even more control.

Additional grill programs

In addition, there are new preset programs for grilling potatoes, peppers, tomatoes and eggplants – for which you used to use the Manual mode.

Reload function

The “refill” function makes it possible to refill the OptiGrill directly after the first grilling cycle without having to restart the contact grill or the program.

Basic functions

  • The automatic grill programs grill the selected food at the optimal temperature.
  • The OptiGrill automatically detects how thick the food is. In combination with the selected program, it can then calculate the perfect grilling time. During grilling, it displays the current cooking level.
  • With the defrosting program, even frozen foods can be prepared on the contact grill without further effort.
  • The grill plates of the OptiGrill are non-stick and very high quality & durable.
  • The OptiGrill is tilted slightly downwards at the front. This allows grease or other liquid produced during grilling to drain easily – directly into the juice collection tray under the grill.
  • The grill plates and juice collection tray can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher – eliminating the need to scrub the grill grate after grilling.

Available grill programs


Beef / Steak








Burger / Minced Steak


Sandwich / Panini
















Manual mode
(10 degree steps)



Size comparison: OptiGrill Elite XL vs. OptiGrill Elite

Size comparison OptiGrill models

The grilling surface of the Tefal OptiGrill Elite is 30 x 20 cm. The grill plate is 10 cm shorter than that of the OptiGrill Elite XL.

Compared to the full-size OptiGrill Elite, the XL version offers a 33% larger grill plate.

Thus, the OptiGrill Elite is particularly suitable if you want to grill for no more than 3 people.

FAQ – Frequently asked questions


Baking tray and waffle plates

The OptiGrill Elite is compatible with the baking tray and waffle plates. In my guides, I introduce you to the accessories for the OptiGrill, with which you can turn the contact grill into an all-rounder in the kitchen.

Tefal OptiGrill Elite in video

In this video you can see the Tefal OptiGrill Elite in action:

Tefal OptiGrill Elite in test

As the “pro model” among Tefal’s smart contact grills, the Tefal OptiGrill Elite (GC750D) promises nothing less than perfect grilling results and a perfect grilling experience to boot. In my big OptiGrill Elite test, I took a closer look at the model and show you here how good the new OptiGrill model really is.

Transparency Note / Advertisement: I have been provided with an OptiGrill Elite by Tefal. However, this has no influence on the opinion I have expressed here.

For those in a hurry: Strengths & weaknesses at a glance

Operation via the touchscreen is modern and very intuitive
The display guides very simply and comfortably through the grilling process
The grill boost provides a great look
The new Manual mode offers significantly more control
Compatible with baking tray and waffle plates
The juice collection tray is a bit too short, which is why more fat splashes onto the worktop at the front
The price is significantly higher than for the other models and is a bit too high in my opinion.

The new functions in check

Compared to the other OptiGrill models, the Tefal OptiGrill Elite brings a number of new features as well as a new way of operation. These are the ones we look at first.

Touchscreen & Display

The biggest difference that immediately catches your eye is the newly designed handle on the lid, which is used to operate the OptiGrill. While previous models had haptic push buttons and a light pulsating in colors integrated into the handle, Tefal has installed a touchscreen and a small display in the OptiGrill Elite. This makes the device feel much more modern and the “old” OptiGrill suddenly seems almost like from another era.

The control panels do not appear until you switch on the OptiGrill. Arrows to the left and right of the display can be used to control the display and thus the selection of the grill program and confirmed with the “OK” button on the far right. In the center of the handle, you can activate and deactivate the additional functions “Defrost” and “Boost mode”.

As soon as you start grilling or heating up the OptiGrill, the display informs you about the current status. A new feature is that the display can now show the remaining grilling time until the next grilling stage.

Grillboost function

Tefal OptiGrill Elite Boost Function Difference
Clear difference when grilling burger patties with and without Grillboost

With this innovation, Tefal makes many people happy: Some OptiGrill users have been somewhat disappointed by the appearance of the grilled meat, because it (of course) did not get such intense grill stripes as in a classic grill – it is still a contact grill.

However, the “Grillboost” function, which can be optionally activated in the automatic grill programs, remedies this flaw. If you select the function, the grilled meat (fish, vegetables, etc., too, of course) gets a much stronger branding.

When grilling burger patties, the Tefal OptiGrill Elite shows a very strong difference in the test.

Temperature setting & timer in manual mode

Previously, you could roughly set the grill temperature in 4 steps in manual mode and had to regularly open the lid to see how far the grilling process had progressed – or set a timer in the cell phone or with the egg timer.

The OptiGrill Elite gives users much more control: the grill temperature can be set much more precisely in 10-degree increments, and a built-in timer lets the OptiGrill notify you when the selected time has elapsed.

Especially those who grill/bake a lot with the baking tray or in the waffle iron will be happy about this new function!

Additional grill programs

A few new automatic grill programs should ensure even better grilling results: For potatoes, peppers, eggplant and tomato you no longer need the manual mode, but have specially optimized programs. In terms of grilling results, it didn’t make that much difference in my test, but it’s obviously a bit more convenient.

Reload function

The reheating function allows you to run several grilling cycles in succession very easily. Once you have completely removed your food from the grill, the OptiGrill asks you via the display whether you want to continue grilling. If you confirm this, the contact grill goes into preheat mode again briefly and you can quickly put the next load on the grill.

Definitely practical, but for larger group of course still not the perfect solution, because not everything is ready at the same time.

Rating: ★★★★★

The new functions make OptiGrilling even more fun. I give it a thumbs-up especially for the grill boost and the timer in manual mode.

Scope of delivery

The scope of delivery includes the grill, one grill plate each for the top and bottom, and the juice collection tray. Furthermore, Tefal includes a recipe booklet in addition to the user manual, which is much more detailed and of a higher quality than that of the other OptiGrill models.

Included are 26 recipes for meat, fish, vegetables, snacks and sandwiches. A great, inspiring selection with which to test out all facets of the OptiGrill. The recipes are all relatively easy to implement, nicely illustrated and well described, so that even OptiGrill beginners can cope well with them.

The recipe book itself also contains further operating instructions and tips – much nicer laid out than in the instruction manual. This also ensures that beginners and newcomers can quickly get to grips with the system. Thumbs up!

Rating: ★★★★★

No frills, but reduced to the essentials. The included recipe book is great and provides recipe ideas as well as an easy introduction to the operation of the (new) OptiGrill.


Those who already own an OptiGrill will appreciate the quality of the device. In my opinion, the OptiGrill Elite even goes one better here.

The new black handle with touchscreen and display not only makes the OptiGrill look more upscale from my point of view, the technology installed in it is also optimally chosen for the intended use and works flawlessly.

The grill plates are slightly heavier than those of the previous models and the “knobs” are a tiny bit higher, so that the food is held even better. Otherwise, you experience the usual quality: they snap cleanly into place even after repeated use and have a high-quality coating that almost never requires oil. For me, one of the most important aspects of having a great grilling experience.

If you already have the waffle plates as accessories, you can easily use them with the Tefal OptiGrill Elite. The baking tray sold until fall 2019, on the other hand, is unfortunately not suitable for the OptiGrill Elite. However, there is now a new version of the baking tray that also fits the OptiGrill Elite – the model number is “XA7258“.

Rating: ★★★★★

The proven Tefal quality, which is already known from the previous OptiGrill models anyway, is further improved by the modern and high-quality handle.


For those who have already used an older OptiGrill, the operation via touchscreen and display is somewhat unfamiliar at first. However, the new mode of operation is very intuitive and thus quickly learned by both newcomers and OptiGrill connoisseurs. In general, the operation of the OptiGrill is as simple as the other models.

The second-by-second display of the grilling progress is a great innovation and raises the already high level of convenience to a new level. In addition, the refill function has made grilling for larger groups a little easier.

The additional preset grill programs make operation even easier, as you no longer have to set the Manual mode for these foods, but can leave (almost) everything to the OptiGrill.

Rating: ★★★★★

It almost doesn’t get much easier than grilling with the OptiGrill. The OptiGrill Elite makes it even more convenient with its new operating concept and additional functions after a short period of getting used to it.

Grill results

From my point of view, the OptiGrill is perfect for people who like to grill well, but also want to keep the effort manageable. The grilling results don’t quite come close to what you get from a charcoal grill, even with the OptiGrill Elite. By grilling without charcoal and without additional fat, grilling with the Tefal contact grill is much healthier for you, as well as for the environment. And for the significantly less effort required before, during and after grilling, I think the results are outstanding!

The new function, the Grillboost, is a great idea and provides an even nicer grill look in the test. And since the eye also eats, this feature will make many OptiGrillers happy.

Rating: ★★★★★

The OptiGrill particularly impresses with the ratio of effort and result. Professional grilling, without having to be a grill expert, is not possible with any grill as well as with the Tefal OptiGrill Elite.


The OptiGrill is a dream for every household: the grill plates and juice collection tray can be easily cleaned in the dishwasher. And because no additional fat or oil is needed for grilling and the food is grilled from two sides, hardly any grease splashes onto the countertop in the kitchen. The slight tilt also allows excess grease to run directly into the tray that attaches to the front of the grill.

Tefal OptiGrill Elite juice collection tray short

However, in my opinion, the new model has a clear disadvantage here compared to its predecessors: The tray is a good deal shorter than that of the other models, which means that significantly more fat landed on the work surface in front of the grill in the Tefal OptiGrill Elite in the test. Too bad! Those who already have an “old” OptiGrill can also use its juice collection tray with the OptiGrill Elite.

The new handle is both a blessing and a curse: Stains from using the handle with fingers that are not always completely clean during grilling become visible very quickly, so you have to wipe it clean after grilling at the latest. This at least encourages to clean the whole OptiGrill once completely after grilling. That’s not such a bad idea! ????

Rating: ★★★★

A few deductions are made because the juice collection tray is too short. Otherwise, the OptiGrill Elite convinces with dishwasher-safe parts and little cleaning work due to the omission of additional oil during grilling.


Compared to other contact grills, Tefal’s OptiGrills are priced rather high. However, from the grilling experience and grilling result, they are also superior to their competitors in all respects.

The Tefal OptiGrill Elite is now quite a bit more expensive and cost just under 230 Euros at the time of the test. Considering that you can also get an OptiGrill Plus for just under half the money, the price seems excessive. Once you’ve tried the OptiGrill Elite, you won’t want to go back to any of the other models.

Rating: ★★★★

The price seems a bit too high compared to the other models. However, depending on how much you “want” the new features, the upgrade is worth it.


Has the Tefal OptiGrill Elite now convinced in the test? My clear answer: Yes! The OptiGrill Elite is a great device – without ifs and buts. It raises the already high level of comfort when grilling with the OptiGrill to a new level. The grilling results are slightly better in some cases, but do not differ fundamentally from the other models.

Anyone who uses their OptiGrill several times a week will be pleased with the new functions and more convenient operation. If you only grill with it occasionally, you’re probably better off with one of the less expensive models.

Bewertung Tefal OptiGrill Elite Test

Therefore, the Tefal OptiGrill Elite gets 4.7 out of 5 stars from me.

Price & Availability

The recommended retail price (RRP) of the Tefal OptiGrill Elite is 330 Euros – significantly more expensive than the other OptiGrill models. After the first retailers offered the new model starting at around 315€, the price is now only a bit over 200 euros.

As a reliable provider with actually always good prices and high goodwill, I can recommend Amazon to buy the OptiGrill:

Tefal Optigrill Elite GC750D | Kontaktgrill | Elektrischer Indoor-Grill | 12 automatische Grillprogramme | Intuitiver Sensor | Grillboost-Funktion | Spülmaschinengeeignetes Zubehör | Rezeptbuch App
38.468 Bewertungen
Tefal Optigrill Elite GC750D | Kontaktgrill | Elektrischer Indoor-Grill | 12 automatische Grillprogramme | Intuitiver Sensor | Grillboost-Funktion | Spülmaschinengeeignetes Zubehör | Rezeptbuch App
  • Grillen wie ein Profi: Dank intelligenter patentierter Technologie wird die Fleischdicke gemessen und die Anzahl der Stücke berücksichtigt, um die Garparameter (Zeit und Temperatur) optimal...
  • Intuitiver Grillassistent: Sie werden Schritt für Schritt zum optimalen Grillergebnis geführt und wissen immer genau, wie der Garzustand ist (blutig, medium oder durchgebraten)

You can find a current price comparison at idealo.de: Tefal OptiGrill Elite at Idealo*.

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