Tefal OptiGrill (GC705D)

Tefal OptiGrill GC705D

The Tefal OptiGrill with the model number GC705D (previous model: GC702D) is the standard model of Tefal’s contact grill. It has six preset grill programs and two additional programs (defrost and manual mode).

It differs from the “Plus” models in that it has only one temperature level in the Manual program. This gives you a little less options, especially when grilling vegetables. That’s why, in my opinion, it’s also worth it for beginners to spend a little more money on the OptiGrill Plus (GC712D), for example.

The most important at a glance

Quick check model


Automatic programs


Level in Manual Mode

2000 watts


30 x 20 cm

Grill surface


Baking tray


Waffle plates

The basic version of the OptiGrill is functionally very limited compared to the other models and only comes into question if you only want to grill meat, fish and sandwiches.

If you’re thinking about grilling vegetables or if you’re interested in the baking tray as an add-on, you’d better go straight for the Tefal OptiGrill Plus (GC712D). It is not much more expensive, but offers more functions and expansion options.

A direct comparison of all OptiGrill models can be found here: OptiGrill Buyer’s Guide

Basic functions

  • The automatic grill programs grill the selected food at the optimal temperature.
  • The OptiGrill automatically detects how thick the food is. In combination with the selected program, it can then calculate the perfect grilling time. During grilling, it displays the current cooking level.
  • With the defrosting program, even frozen foods can be prepared on the contact grill without further effort.
  • The grill plates of the OptiGrill are non-stick and very high quality & durable.
  • The OptiGrill is tilted slightly downwards at the front. This allows grease or other liquid produced during grilling to drain easily – directly into the juice collection tray under the grill.
  • The grill plates and juice collection tray can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher – eliminating the need to scrub the grill grate after grilling.

Available grill programs


Burger / Minced Steak




Sandwich / Panini




Beef / Steak






Manual mode
(1 level)

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Tefal OptiGrill (GC705D) in test

ETM test magazine

In a detailed test from 2015, the predecessor model, the OptiGrill GC702D, received an overall rating of 94% from ETM Testmagazin. Particular praise is given to the grill’s smart features, which make grilling super easy and yet perfect. One criticism mentioned is that the grilled food must be the same height so that it is grilled from both sides.
Read the complete test report from ETM Testmagazin here.

Product test foundation

Stiftung Warentest gives this OptiGrill model a score of 2.2. In the test, also conducted in 2015, the OptiGrill was thus the test winner among several contact grills. The grilling result and the good coating of the grill plates are positively highlighted. In addition, it is praised that the work surface on which the OptiGrill stands does not become hot due to grilling and thus does not pose a safety risk (e.g.: for small children).
Read the complete test result of Stiftung Warentest here

Tefal OptiGrill test in video: YouTube review

In this video you can see the Tefal OptiGrill in test (predecessor model GC702D):

Tefal OptiGrill (GC705D) price comparison

Price comparison of OptiGrill models

The standard model of the OptiGrill is also the (mostly) cheapest variant offered. Here you can see a current price comparison of the OptiGrill models at Amazon:

Price comparison with other contact grills

In a price comparison with other contact grills, the Tefal OptiGrill is definitely in the higher-priced segment, but the other devices are usually also much more simply equipped and do not have preset program functions, for example.

As an example, here is the OptiGrill in a price comparison with five other popular contact grills on Amazon:

Buy Tefal OptiGrill (GC705D)

Amazon sells the OptiGrill at a very reasonable price and – from their own experience – is always very accommodating when it comes to problems. That’s why you won’t go wrong with a purchase there. In addition, you might find important hints for your purchase decision in the countless reviews of other users.

If you don’t want to buy the OptiGrill from Amazon, here’s a link to the price comparison portal Idealo, where you’ll find a list of all online retailers selling the OptiGrill – incl. the price comparison. Sort by selling price: OptiGrill (GC705D) in price comparison at Idealo*.

Tefal OptiGrill buy used

From time to time there are also interesting offers for a used OptiGrill at Amazon, you can find them here: Used offers for the OptiGrill Standard model*.

Alternatively, good deals can also be found regularly on eBay, eBay Classifieds and other used portals. If you are not in a hurry to buy, watch the prices first.


Baking tray and waffle plates

Unfortunately, neither the baking tray nor the waffle plates are compatible with the OptiGrill GC705D. For this, I recommend the Tefal OptiGrill GC712D.

Further information

If you are still unsure whether the OptiGrill is the right grill for you, the questions & answers I collected will definitely help you: Tefal OptiGrill Guide

More OptiGrill models

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