Tefal OptiGrill Smart (GC730D)

Tefal OptiGrill Smart GC730D

The Tefal OptiGrill Smart (GC730D) is the same as the Tefal OptiGrill Plus with the difference that the Smart version can be connected to the smartphone via Bluetooth. The contact grill can be conveniently controlled via the accompanying app for iOS & Android, and you can download special recipes & settings.

Of course, the OptiGrill can also be used completely without the app. However, the surcharge compared to the OptiGrill Plus is only worth it if you see an added value in the control via app or the functions included there – and want to use them regularly.

The most important at a glance

Quick check model


Automatic programs


Levels in Manual Mode

2000 watts


30 x 20 cm

Grill surface


Baking tray


Waffle plates

The Bluetooth control on the OptiGrill Smart is a nice toy, but its usefulness in everyday use is manageable. You usually pay an unnecessary surcharge for this, because the model is otherwise similar to the OptiGrill Plus.

If Bluetooth grill control isn’t quite important to you, the OptiGrill Plus (GC712D) is a better choice.

A direct comparison of all OptiGrill models can be found here: OptiGrill Buyer’s Guide

Basic functions

  • The automatic grill programs grill the selected food at the optimal temperature.
  • The OptiGrill automatically detects how thick the food is. In combination with the selected program, it can then calculate the perfect grilling time. During grilling, it displays the current cooking level.
  • With the defrosting program, even frozen foods can be prepared on the contact grill without further effort.
  • The grill plates of the OptiGrill are non-stick and very high quality & durable.
  • The OptiGrill is tilted slightly downwards at the front. This allows grease or other liquid produced during grilling to drain easily – directly into the juice collection tray under the grill.
  • The grill plates and juice collection tray can be easily removed and cleaned in the dishwasher – eliminating the need to scrub the grill grate after grilling.

Available grill programs


Burger / Minced Steak




Sandwich / Panini




Beef / Steak






Manual mode
(4 levels)

FAQ – Frequently asked questions

Tefal OptiGrill Smart in test


The testers from eKitchen give the OptiGrill Smart a rating of “good”. Although the OptiGrill is praised for its general functions, the review concludes that the Smart functions are not really sophisticated. Buying the OptiGrill Smart only because of its Bluetooth connection to the smartphone app is not recommended.
Read the complete test report here

Grillicious Blog

On the Grillicious blog, the OptiGrill Smart also gets mostly positive reviews. But: Here, too, the standout feature – smartphone connectivity – is viewed somewhat critically. The connection is technically flawless, but there are deductions for the many spelling and grammar errors in the app. This is not really comprehensible for a device at this price. Another complaint is that the Smart version of the OptiGrill is not available in the larger XL version.
Read the complete test report here

Tefal OptiGrill Smart in video

In this video you will see a detailed test of the OptiGrill Smart model:


Baking tray and waffle plates

The OptiGrill Smart is compatible with the baking tray and waffle plates. In my guides, I introduce you to the accessories for the OptiGrill, with which you can turn the contact grill into an all-rounder in the kitchen.

Buy Tefal OptiGrill Smart

Amazon sells the OptiGrill at a very reasonable price and – from their own experience – is always very accommodating when it comes to problems. That’s why you won’t go wrong with a purchase there. In addition, you might find important hints for your purchase decision in the countless reviews of other users.

If you don’t want to buy the OptiGrill from Amazon, here’s a link to the price comparison portal Idealo, where you’ll find a list of all online merchants that sell the OptiGrill Smart – incl. the price comparison tool. Sort by selling price: OptiGrill Smart (GC730D) in price comparison at Idealo*.

If you are still unsure whether the OptiGrill is the right grill for you, the questions & answers I collected will definitely help you: Tefal OptiGrill Guide

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